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Romantic Beauty L7153 Aloe Vera Magic Lip Oil. A lip oil with 99% Aloe Vera extract and a pH-activated formula. Thin and breathable full of rich natural lip color. Gives lips a pink pop of color and shine. 24 pcs in display. ..
Romantic Beauty L7143 Ice Cream Lip Tint. A long wearing lip tint that is transfer proof and stays in place all day. Non drying, lightweight formula with sheer coverage. Assorted in 6 shades. 24 pcs in display. ..
Romantic Beauty L8171-FS Beauty Matte Lipstick. A classic matte formula that is pigmented and lightweight. Assorted in 6 nude tone shades. 24 pcs in display. ..
Romantic Beauty L8265-FS Lipstick Matte. The perfect nude matte shade with a smooth matte finish. Features push-click button release casing to pop-out lipstick. Lightly scented. Assorted in 12 different nude shades. 48 pcs in display.  ..
Romantic Beauty 0939  2 in 1 Sweet Blusher & Highlighter. Features 1 pigmented blush and highlight shade per palette, compact case includes mirror. Slightly scented. Perfect for on the go. Assorted in 4 palette shades. ..
Romantic Beauty BH9011 Blusher Natural Colors. A silky, creamy texture formula with a smooth application. Lightweight with buildable coverage. Leaves a rich matte finish while adding a natural pop of color. Assorted in 8 shades. 24 pcs in display. ..
Romantic Beauty 0912 Cool Story Baked Highlighter. A pigmented formula that creates a radiant glow of shimmering color. Can be applied wet to intensify pigment and glow. Assorted in 8 shades. 24 pcs in display. ..
Romantic Beauty EL209 Impress Duo Face Stamp Eyeliner Marker. A black duo ended eyeliner with a long lasting and waterproof formula. Precision tip for superior control on one end and shape stamp on other end. Each eyeliner marker has a different shape stamp. Assorted in 4 shapes. Flower, heart, star..
Romantic Beauty EP302 Exquisite Eyebrow Pencil. A longwearing angled eyebrow pencil that creates the perfect hair like strokes. Dual ended pencil has a spoolie on one end and the pencil on the other. This makes it  easy to comb, blend, and shape brows. Assorted in 4 different shades and individ..
Romantic Beauty 0960 Silver Loose Highlighting Powder. A silky weightless formula that smooths fine lines and blurs imperfections. Pigmented shine that stays in place all day. Can be used for face and body. 24 pcs in display...
Romantic Beauty L7150 Plumping Shine Volume Lip Gloss. A lip gloss with sheer color and fine shimmer. Formula plumps and gives the appearance of full sexy lips. Long lasting shine and wear. Assorted in 6 sheer colors. 24 pcs in display. ..
Romantic Beauty L7142  Fashion Magic Lip Oil. A color changing formula that adjust to lips pH creating the perfect customized shade for lips. Helps preserve hydration while adding shine. Comfortable wear. Assorted in 3 fruity flavors. Cherry, strawberry, and orange. 24 pcs in display. ..
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